Climate Change

Climate Change

Climate change is happening now and affects our marine and coastal environments in many ways. Such impacts include increases of atmospheric carbon dioxide, the rise of sea level, and altered weather patterns and ocean currents.

Learn more about climate change and ways to reduce greenhouse gases so that we together can better prepare for the future.

Adapt West

Adapt West is one of a number of regional adaptation programs occurring in South Australia as part of the implementation of the state’s climate change adaptation framework.

Adapting Northern Adelaide

The Climate Change Adaptation Plan identifies the priority actions and adaptation pathways that will help local government, communities and businesses adapt to climate related risks across short medium and long term timeframes.

Carbon Neutral Adelaide

How will we make the City of Adelaide carbon neutral?

Global Programme of Action (GPA) for the Protection of the Marine Environment from land-based activities, Australian Government

Hosted by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the GPA is the global intergovernmental group directly addressing the connectivity between terrestrial, freshwater, coastal and marine ecosystems focusing on action against marine degradation from land-based activities.

Resilient South - Climate Ready Southern Adelaide

Resilient South is about strengthening southern Adelaide so that our businesses, communities and environments can bounce back from the challenges of climate change, and stay productive, connected, and strong.

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