Protected Areas

Protected Areas

Protecting marine and coastal habitats both recognises and enhances the diversity of life in our oceans. Providing a safe refuge for marine plants, animals and their habitats also helps to balance the impacts of other threats.

About marine parks, Enjoy life in our marine parks, National Parks South Australia

Information and maps about South Australia’s marine parks.

Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary, National Parks South Australia

The sanctuary, which features a 10,000-year-old mangrove forest, covers a 118 km² area including the inner Port, Barker Inlet, Outer Harbour and North Haven marina, reaching as far north as Port Gawler. A resident pod of about 30 bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops aduncus) live in the river, while another 300 regularly visit the area.

Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary, Parks SA

Located north-west of Adelaide, the Bird Sanctuary covers a 60-kilometre stretch of coast from the Barker Inlet to Port Parham, including sections of the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary. Much of the Bird Sanctuary lies adjacent to the Upper Gulf St Vincent Marine Park, protecting connected habitats from the coast into the sea.

Marine parks and sanctuary zones, Australian Marine Conservation Society

Information about Australia’s and South Australia’s state and federal marine parks.

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