Coastal Heritage

Coastal Heritage

Aboriginal heritage

Aboriginal heritage and repatriation

The South Australian Museum Board is re-imagining the South Australian Museum as a site of Reconciliation. New partnerships with Aboriginal communities are being developed as collaborations in the custodianship of the amazing and important Aboriginal cultural material the Museum is privileged to care for.


Lighthouses of South Australia

South Australia took an active role in providing the mariner a safe passage to her shores. Four over-water lighthouses at Port Adelaide, Margret Brock Reef (Cape Jaffa), Tiparra Reef and Wonga Shoal. These were engineering achievements, having used large amounts of labour and funds.

Maritime heritage, Department for Environment and Water

South Australia has a rich maritime history. Before road and rail was established, the coastal towns, river towns and outlying settlements were only accessible by water, and many of South Australia’s heritage places reflect this. Maritime heritage can include anything that humans used or occupied in relation to the sea, rivers or lakes. Many maritime features and buildings are located on land but play an important role in maritime commerce. These may include lighthouses, jetties and piers, whaling stations, wharves, wharf sheds and customs buildings.

South Australian Maritime Museum

Explore the human histories of our oceans and rivers. Located in the historic Port Adelaide precinct, the South Australian Maritime Museum preserves, explores and celebrates the human history of our oceans and rivers.

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